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Skull Pendant(Buy two for free shipping)

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( remember you will die, seize the day)
A heavyweight skull pendant. The pendant is highly polished with the skull in a polished matt.Handmade with London assay office hallmarks.


It is a phrase that reminds us that death is always lurking, that we must enjoy our life since it is the only one we have, and that we must always keep in mind that perhaps our day could be the last: "live in the moment because you're going to die soon; tomorrow may be too late".


Death makes us all the same. It relativizes everything and makes us aware of the value of the here and now, and the value of the company of others. That is why we think that this necklace is a gift of declaration of intentions and is more than a necklace for those who wear it.Is a reminder of how important it is to be alive.
**For skull lovers, rockers, bikers, rebels and those who value the importance of the "here and now"



  • Material: Titaniumsteel(chain)+ Copperplatingsilver(pendant)
  • A 60cm curb chain is included in the price.
  • Average diameter: 27mm.


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