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Vintage Dragonfly and Sunflower Men's Ring

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Vintage Dragonfly and Sunflower Ring
Invite change into your life with this Vintage Dragonfly and Sunflower Ring. Symbolic of transformation and the quality of adaptability, the dragonfly is a true example of change. It adapts to the changing faces of nature, thriving in every situation as it moves with grace and elegance from one season to another. This wonderfully handcrafted ring captures the essence and beauty of dragonflies in a sunflower orchard. Depicted with silver, copper, and bronze accents, this ring prepares you to invite change into your life and embrace every new chapter as it unfolds. The antiquated finish and texture make this ring a perfect addition to your rustic outfits.

Gender: Unisex
Metals Type: Copper
Material: Metal

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