5 Creative Ways to Know Her Ring Size Without Directly Asking

Once you’ve decided to put a ring on it, you’ll realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds like. Engagement rings come in different styles, settings, stones, and yes --sizes. If you want to keep the element of surprise, you have to be as discreet as possible when shopping for the perfect ring, starting with the size. 

So how would you know her actual ring size if you can’t straight up ask her about it? We’ll help you have one less thing to worry about by giving you tips on measuring her ring size without asking her.

Steal One of Her Favorite Rings

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This one’s not really creative, but a tried-and-tested one. Steal her favorite ring from her collection, trace it on paper, and put it back before she notices that something’s missing. You can do this yourself while she’s out of town or enlist the help of her mom to do this for you. 

But what if she doesn’t have a ring collection? This is where you have to be creative:

Ask Help From Her Friend Who Just Got Engaged

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If she has a friend who got engaged recently, you’re in luck. Ask her friend to open up the topic about engagement rings the next time they go out for lunch. She should let your other half to try on her ring and see if it fits. If it doesn’t, no worries! Have the friend take note of how loose or tight her ring is for your girlfriend’s finger, so you’ll have an idea of her size.

Ladies like to go into the details of their jewelry, especially engagement rings. Her recently engaged friend might even get some insights from your soon-to-be fiance's preference for an engagement ring. Does she like minimalist engagement rings, or does she like a more luxurious-style ring? All these details can be supplied by that reliable friend of hers.

Ask Another Friend to Go Jewelry Shopping With Her

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Does she have a friend who likes to go to her for fashion advice? Ask help from this friend!

Agree on a scenario that your girlfriend won’t suspect, such as an impromptu shopping spree with her gal pal. They will go to several clothing shops to try on outfits, bags, and accessories. Ensure that they “randomly” pass by a jewelry store to try on rings from the shop’s collection. The friend will ask her to try on some rings herself to determine her ring size and preferred style and stones.

Wait for Her to Go to Sleep

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This one’s tricky because it might not work for light sleepers. If you know your soon-to-be bride is a deep sleeper, you can pull off this one.

Once she’s journeying into dreamland, use a string, rubber band, or even a thin ponytail to wrap around her ring finger. Trace the measurement on paper and keep it where you know she won’t find it. If you don’t succeed on the first try, no worries! Repeat the same steps every night until you get it right.

Go Jewelry Shopping With Her

Don’t want to spill your engagement plans to her family and closest friends? Why not go the do-it-yourself route? Go shopping with her for the perfect ring!

If this sounds too straightforward, don’t worry; it’s not. Ensure that the timing is right, so your girl won’t suspect that you’re already on proposal mode. Take your lady to the jewelry shop and tell her you’re buying her a pair of earrings or a necklace for her birthday. The event doesn't have to be her birthday; work-related milestones or any big accomplishments are also worthy of a gift.

Now here’s the crucial detail. Inform the jeweler in advance that you’re there to buy any accessory except rings, but let her try on several pieces so that you could determine her ring size. Your girl won’t suspect that something’s going on if it’s a stranger asking for her ring size, right? 

Different Ways to Get Her Ring Size

The simplest way is asking her about her ring size, but you don’t want to do that if you want to keep your proposal plans confidential. She probably doesn’t even know her ring size anyway. With the five ways we’ve shared with you, you’ll be able to determine not only her ring size, but her preference when it comes to engagement ring styles.

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