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925 Sterling Silver Square Birth Month Flower Ring Personalized Flower Ring

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🌼Personalized Flower Ring🌼
You can choose 1-4 different flowers from our 12 birth month flowers to engrave on the ring.
Size: Adjustable (US size 4-13).

Product Specification

Metal Sterling Silver 925
Colour Silver/ Gold/ Rose Gold
Measurements Please Refer To Size Guide

  • January(Snowdrop): Admiration, love, Hope, rebirth
  • February(Iris): Modesty, faithfulness, Young love
  • March(Daffodil): New beginnings, prosperity
  • April(Daisy): Purity, innocence, Blissful pleasure
  • May(Hawthorn): Sweetness, motherhood, Hope
  • June(Rose): Romance, Happiness
  • July(Water lily): Positivity, dignity, Purity
  • August(Poppy): Strength of character, Imagination
  • September(Morning glory): Love, affection, Unrequited love, mortality
  • October(Cosmos): Creativity, passion, Peace, tranquility
  • November(Chrysanthemum): Loyalty, honesty
  • December(Holly): Hope, wealth, Protection, defense

Ring Size Guide: (size 4-13)

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