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Crocheters Ring

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"I recently taught myself how to crochet but still struggle with tension. Now, this little ring helps me achieve perfect stitches and hold tension evenly! I began to crochet faster from the first use. And honestly, it's so cute, and I wear it as an accessory when I'm not crocheting and plan on buying a couple more for my craft friends."

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Denise  
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Crochet enthusiasts all know that holding the yarn correctly and maintaining consistent yarn tension is vital to the original design yet it remains a major challenge for many. Statistically, it has been shown that more crafters give up crocheting due to an inability to master this basic skill than for any other reason.  And whilst the struggle to maintain symmetry and uniformity can be frustrating, holding the yarn incorrectly often results in sore fingers, and ‘yarn burn’, further hindering progress in mastering these skills.

Introducing Swanley™ yarn guide ring, an innovative and simple solution that helps to perfect yarn tension instantly.  Worn comfortably on the finger with the thread secured within the loop, find precise control and consistency over the tightness of stitches, thus ensuring the completion of gorgeous creations with greater accuracy every time. With Swanley™ enjoy a fun and satisfying hobby that is smoother and easier, sailing through projects with the skills of a master crafter!





PERFECT TENSION EVERY TIME: Swanley™ is designed with the perfect size loop to guide the yarn. This enables consistent tension control as it sits comfortably on the finger.

STRONG AND ADJUSTABLE: It is built to last for years, being strong but pliable and made with top-grade silver plated materials. Swanley’s™ a breeze at adjusting the rings to fit comfortably on any size finger! 



SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: The head and tail of Swanley™ secures yarn in place, alleviating yarn rub. This enables hours of pain-free crochet and being able to finally finish a long-awaited project!

✅ SUITABLE FOR RIGHT AND LEFT HANDERS: Swanley™ is placed on the left finger with the beak up for right-handers or on the right finger with the tail up for left-handers. This makes it versatile and easy for anyone to use.



✅ QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Swanley™ is designed with the utmost attention to detail and polished to perfection. It is beautifully embossed and versatile enough to wear as an attention-grabbing and gorgeous jewelry accessory even when not crocheting! 



  1. Fit the ring to the finger that will be holding the yarn
  2. Slide the thread underneath the tail and around the head of the Swanley™
  3. Adjust the ring and tension according to your preference 
  4. Start crocheting!

    We understand the hassle and tediousness of maintaining consistent yarn tension, essential to a beautifully finished design, the essential goal of all crochet creators. The ensuing struggle for perfection and uniformity can leave us feeling frustrated, stressed and defeated as we redo our work, again and again, taking extra time to correct faulty stitches. A recent study found that a staggering 75% of people learning to crochet give up within the first 3 months. 

    Thankfully, with Swanley™, creating inspired handmade works of art with gorgeous stitches every single time has never been easier. Whether right or left-handed, Swanley™ allows you to easily control yarn tension turning creative ideas into projects to be proud of in a fraction of the time! Feel confident and happy as the skills to create masterpieces that are admired and passed on to generations and enjoyed for lifetimes, become a reality.



    2.4 x 1.14 x 0.63 Inches
    0.317 Ounces


    (1) x Silver Ring
    (2) x Silver Ring (Bundle)


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